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Erin and Aaron... NOT a couple!

Over the weekend I picked up an interesting and lovely couple who insisted they were not, in fact, a couple.

Erin and Aaron are best friends who are visiting the area and staying (alone) at Aaron's parents' home on Fort Myers Beach.

Erin grew up in Buffalo, NY where she earned a degree from the University of Buffalo. After graduation she moved with her family to Atlanta, Georgia where she now works for a marketing company.

Her good friend, Aaron, received his master's degree from the University of Buffalo, and he now lives in Washington DC working with the Audi Corporation.

The two claim they met totally by accident through a misplaced phone call. This chance meeting two years ago has blossomed into a "best friend" relationship!

I must admit that their relationship is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I think they'd make a great team, and I encouraged them that marrying your best friend was a great idea!

In my humble opinion, a more permanent arrangement seemed quite logical!

I don't know what the furure holds for Erin and Aaron but it was a joy to meet them and to enocurage them to strongly consider one another as excellent marriage candidates!

I loved your story and your names!

Welcome to Uber Namez!

Note: The name Aaron means "inspired".

If I were a single young man, I would definitely be inspired by Erin!

The name Erin means "peace".

If I were a single young woman, I'd be at peace in marrying my best friend, Aaron.

Can it get any better than that?!!

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