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Maximo... the GREATEST!

Maximo was a recent passenger headed to work at Chili's in Cape Coral. He is a diligent man who actually works two jobs! Not only is he a cook at Chili's but he also works part time at Lenny's Grill and Subs.

Originally from New Jersey, Maximo grew up on Long Island and eventually came to Southwest Florida with his family in 2006. Although he looks much younger, Maximo is actually 32 years old.

From the age of 16 he has worked in the restaurant industry. He has held just about every position you can imagine, but really enjoys cooking.

Several years ago he considered a transition and took a short-lived job in landscaping. As strange as it might seem, coming from someone who was used to working in a hot kitchen, he just couldn't take the outdoor heat !

Maximo is the oldest of six children and his parents are both from the Dominican Republic. He is named after his grandfather who also bears the name Maximo.

When I asked Maximo if there was anything special that he'd like others to know about him, he humbly replied, "I'm really just an ordinary guy."

I was really impressed by this statement, especially for a man who's name means "the greatest", and who works as a soft-spoken cook.

His attitude reminded me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 20 verses 25-28. His disciples were asking to hold seats of greatness next to Jesus in His kingdom. Jesus said, "If you want to be the greatest, then be the servant. If you want to be the first, then be the last."

Thank you, Maximo, for sharing your story with Uber Namez.

Always remember that your true greatness shines forth in your humble service to others!

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