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Jeffre... From Frustrated to FUN!

Jeffre was a recent passenger that I picked up late one night in downtown Fort Myers.

Because I typically see the name Jeffrey spelled with a "y", I was curious to know if it was a typographical error, or, if that was the correct spelling; J-E-F-F-R-E.

He explained, with a chuckle, that at birth his father wanted to name him Mel, as a play on words. You see, his last name is Lowe. And his dad wanted a Mel Lowe! As you might expect, his mother rejected that idea and suggested the name Jeffrey.

But his father wanted a name that was unique.

He agreed to Jeffrey, but only if they dropped the "y". In his dad's opinion, it was a wasted letter anyway.

So, Mom and Dad came to a consensus, their son would be named Jeffre!

Originally from Detroit Michigan, Jeffre has had an interesting life, and opportunities to travel the world. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and then a law degree from Notre Dame. He also studied for three years in England! Eventually Jeffre settled in Los Angeles where he practiced law for almost 30 years!

Today Jeffre is retiring from his career as a lawyer. A career he confessed that he never really enjoyed, and he is ready for a major life change. He is preparing for a brand new adventure!

Jeffre was in Fort Myers visiting his parents and bidding them farewell.

Jeffre is moving to Thailand, where he has purchased a sports bar! He is moving from LA LA Land to Thailand, from law to liquor, from a member of the bar to a bartender, from the courtroom to the bar-room, and from frustration to fun! He's got a great condominium and will be the owner/operator of a bar called The Sport Corner.

So, the next time you are in Thailand, stop by for some liquid refreshment and look him up.

He's the Jeffre without the "y"!

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