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Jack Amyx... Today is the day!

I met Jack on a bright sunny day in August. He entered the car carrying a small plastic trash bag and a backpack.

Almost immediately he announced, "Today is the day! I'm leaving Fort Myers and heading to Los Angeles!"

Apparently Jack had been thinking about a move for a while, but the timing never seemed quite right.

But today he was ready: he grabbed a few clothes and his father's ashes, purchased a one-way bus ticket, and was rready to go!

He explained, "To get something you never had, you have to do something you've never done." That's my motto! I've got a tattoo to remind me!"

So, he was leaving it all behind...his apartment, his car, his job, and most of his belongings. He was heading off to a new life in Los Angeles, California!

I was curious, "Jack, do you know anyone in Los Angeles?"

"Nope, not a soul!", he answered.

I asked, "Do you have a job waiting for you?"

"No, I'll deal with that when I get there." he stated plainly.

"Do you have a place to stay?"

In a matter-of-fact tone, he replied, "Nope, I'll probably live on the street until I figure it out."

"So...what's the plan when you get to Los Angeles?"

He cheerfully exclaimed, "I'm going to just relax and listen to Elton John music!"

As I considered Jack's plans and preparations I had concerns about the wisdom of his decision. But I certainly admired his resolve. Jack made me smile!

He did mention that he had a few "drinks", but he was determined to keep up his courage. His short-term plan was to stop at a downtown tavern (to assist with his resolve), get on that bus at 3 pm, and head west to California.

I really wanted to include Jack in the Uber Namez blog.

And, although his first name was pretty common, he did have a unique last name, Amyx (A-mix), AND an interesting story.

Jack was very excited to share his adventure with Uber Namez and he even let me get a photo of his life motto, tattooed on his ribcage.

As he prepared to leave I shared my best recommendations and encouragement:

1. Jack, today would be a great day to put your trust in Jesus and commit your life to God, and

2. Find a good church in L.A. as soon possible and get connected!

After man is an island, and don't we all need some help along the way?

God bless you, Jack! I pray that Los Angeles suits you well! Godspeed!

Note: In his excitement to get moving, Jack left the backpack with his father's ashes in the backseat. When I found it, about an hour later, I quickly headed toward the bus station. Jack had also realized that he left the backpack and called me at about the same time.

True to form, Jack was keeping up his courage! I met him at a downtown tavern and was able to return his father's remains.

Note: The name Jack is very common and actually means "a boy or a man". In essense, Jack represents "every man".

We can all relate with Jack's desire for something more, or maybe just a change of scenery. And so, I applaud the "Jack" in anyone who steps out courageously, with the desire to live life to the fullest!

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