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Yulianela...the Y sounds like J

Yulianela was a friendly and joyful passenger.

As I struggled to pronounce her name, she explained that in her native country of Cuba the "Y" is pronounced "J".

Therefore her name was Julie-a-nela.

But some people just know her as "Julie".

Yulianela came to the United States with her family when she was 17 years old, as her parents had the good fortune of being selected in a visa lottery. For Cubans this was equivalent to winning the "golden ticket", as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This allowed a legal path to United States citizenship for their entire family!

Although her schooling days had ended in Cuba, Yulianela opted to re-enter high school as a sophomore, specifically to learn the English language. This decision would pay high dividends as she now is very articulate and speaks fluent English!

Yulianela is a smiley, upbeat and motivated gal! This only seems appropriate as her name actually means a "youthful princess".

She has three children (Michael, Byron and Beatriz) and works as a leasing consultant for a large apartment complex.

It was a pleasure to meet Yulianela.

Welcome to Uber Namez!


Her daughter was named after her mother, Beatriz.

She also has a brother with a unique name, Yankel... pronounced Jon-kel.

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