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Ozella... Enjoying SWFL and Edisonia!

Ozella and her sister-in-law, Terrie, have been visiting SW Florida from Texas. I picked them up from the Edison-Ford Winter Estate where they had just completed a tour.

Her name was extremely unique and Ozella stated that she had never met another person who shared her name.

Ozella was named after her father, Ozell.

Although I searched diligently to find the meaning of her name, I came up empty. I do know that it is very rare. There are possibly less than 3800 people in the entire world that bare this name, and it is ranked 43,711th of the most used names.

Based on my research the name Ozella now, unofficially means "a rare and beautiful jewel"!

Ozella is originally from Georgia but traveled extensively because of military ties. She now lives near Dallas, Texas where she works as a property manager for a commercial real estate company. She is also a licensed real estate agent.

It was a great pleasure meeting Ozella and Terrie.

Thanks for sharing your amazing name with Uber Namez!

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