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Jagger and Chelsey ... a fresh new start in SWFL!

Recently I met Jagger and Chelsey who just moved to Fort Myers from New Hampshire. They have been in the area for about a month and are getting a fresh new start in life.

Jagger will be attending FM Technical Institute studying the HVAC trade, while Chelsey will be taking on-line courses from Aspen University. She'll be working toward a degree in Psychology and Addiction Counseling.

Both Jagger and Chelsey were high school athletes and they are both snowboarders.

Jagger comes from a Canadian heritage and his last name Richer is actually pronounced Rish-ay...very French!

Although many people suspect that he was named after Mick Jagger, his name, in fact, comes from a soap opera actor that his mother admired.

Though Jagger did not previously know the meaning of his name, he googled it while on our trip. His name comes from the word jag which means load or pack, so his name means a peddler or hawker of goods. Sounds like Jagger may have a career in HVAC sales!

Jagger and Chelsey have known each other as great friends for 5 years. They enjoy a lot of the same things and spend much of their time just laughing and loving life!

It was my pleasure meeting this "wicked" young couple!

Please welcome Jagger and Chelsey to Southwest Florida, and to Uber Namez!

Note: Jagger informed me that the term "wicked" is often used in New Hampshire in regard to something or someone who is awesome, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and really really good.

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