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Ajhanique... an up and coming writer!

I first met Ajhanique (Awj-hon-eek) over a year ago, well before I had started the Uber Namez blog. I was excited to have her as a passenger once again and get reaquainted.

Her name is very unique, and one of a kind!

Although she is not certain of her names origin, she believes that it was created by her mother.

In my own research the closest name that I found was Janique which means "God is gracious". I like that!

As a nickname, friends sometime call her Nique (Neek).

Ajhanique is originally from Rochester, NY but moved with her mother, who had accepted a nursing position in Florida. Currently working at the Panera Bread Company, Ajhanique has dreams of one day completing her college degree, writing books and possibly launching her own magazine!

Thank you, Ajhanique, for sharing your awesome name with

our Uber Namez subscribers!

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