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"Lando"... Rolando x 5

Today I received an Uber request from "Lando".

I immediately thought, "This may be a candidate for uber namez!"

It turns out that he was a delightful young man with an awesome name and legacy.

Lando is, in fact, Rolando Jr.!

He was named after his father, Rolando Sr.

And although his father was from Cuba and his mother was from Spain, Rolando was actually born in Miami, Florida. There he grew up with Spanish speaking parents and in a culture that was predominantly Spanish.

It seems ironic with such a strong Spanish heritage and DNA that he does NOT speak Spanish.

At the age of 16 Lando dropped out of high school, but immediately earned his GED. He entered the work force and was employed in a wide variety of retail businesses and restaurants. His strong work ethic, determination and faithfulness have served him well as an associate at Publix. Over the past four years he has received multiple promotions and will eventually work his way to a position in management.

Rolando has a very close relationship with his father and has been his dad's primary caregiver for several years.

You see, Rolando Sr. was 60 years old when Lando was born. He is now 87 and suffering from pancreatic cancer.

It is amazing to know that Rolando Jr. has three known brothers, each of a different mother, and all named Rolando!

That's "Rolando x 5"... a father and four sons all bearing the same name!

It only seems appropriate that the name Rolando means "famous throughout the land"!

Thanks, Lando, for sharing your amazing story with Uber Namez!

(Our prayers and best wishes to your dad.)

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