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"The Price is Right" for Andrew and Amber!

I had a fun trip to Fort Myers Beach with Andrew and Amber.

They were an excited, young couple who had just moved into a home off of McGregor Boulevard and were now ready to celebrate!

Andrew is originally from Minnesota and Amber hails from North East, Georgia; a beautiful area that my family and I had recently visited. They met in Fort Myers last year and have been dating ever since.

On April 5, 2017 they had a most unusual experience; one to last a lifetime!

The gameshow, The Price is Right, came to Fort Myers with host Jerry Springer. Andrew and Amber attended with a crowd of 4000 other potential contestants at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center. It seemed unlikely that either of them would be selected, and nearing the end of the show no one had won any really great prizes.

As the final contestant was announced Andrew was shocked to hear his name.

He raced to the stage, shook Jerry's hand, and had a brief interview.

"Are you here with anyone, tonight?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, my girlfriend, Amber is with me!" Andrew answered.

As the spotlights were directed to Amber and the crowd applauded, Jerry asked, "And only a girlfriend? Are you possibly interested in a more permanent arrangement?" "Well, we've been dating for about 5 or 6 month...we'll see." was Andrew's reply.

Speaking to the audience Jerry exclaimed, "If he wins our grand prize, wouldn't it be awesome if Andrew proposed to his girlfriend tonight on the show?! What do you say, Andrew?"

"Well, sure, OK, I'd do that!", he responded.

The game that Andrew played had something to do with selecting various numbers. One by one numbers were chosen and certain smaller prizes were identified and elliminated. He seemed to be doing really well.

Finally, his prize was revealed...the grand prize...a four day, all expenses paid trip for two to Las Vegas!

He was the biggest winner of the night!

The crowd was ecstatic!

But it didn't end there.

Amber was immediately called to the stage with the crowd cheering wildly. There, Andrew, fell to one knee and in front of this huge crowd of wild, crazy, Price is Right fans, he proposed to Amber...and she said, "YES!"

The rest of the night was a daze as they were congratulated and high fived. In the parking lot people were honking their horns, giving thumbs up, and cheering them on!

Since then, the dust has settled a bit.

And, although the wedding date has not been set, their trip to Las Vegas has been booked for December.

I've encouraged Andrew and Amber that Las Vegas would be a great place to finally "tie the knot", say "I do!" and make the commitment for a lifetime!

Best of luck to Andrew and Amber.

Thanks for sharing your story with Ubernamez!

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