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Isabella Grace (God's NOT Dead)

Last night I had one of my most inspirational Uber trips!

I picked up Isabella at First Assembly of God Church where she had been meeting with a group of college students. (A Christian organization called Chi Alpha)

During our 25 minute trip Isabella shared about her life and her spiritual jouney.

She grew up attending a church where she learned ABOUT God, but never really KNEW God. Her mother was reluctant to let Isabella visit other churches, as she didn't want her daughter to become a "Jesus freak".

Isabella had a friend who was more serious about her faith, and her church life seemed more meaningful. Isabella visited that church where she experienced a very caring atmosphere. She felt the love of God!

Because of her mother, however, she was compelled to keep her distance and not get involved.

In high school Isabella got closer to friends who were not interested in God or spiritual things. She got involved in alcohol, drugs and partying. She was addicted to marijuana and smoked daily. Isabella knew in her heart of hearts right from wrong, but...everyone else was doing it, and she got caught up in the flow.

After high school Isabella enrolled at FGCU, where she continued to do drugs and participate in raves. She felt so guilty and dirty.

One night she finally broke down and cried out to God.

Something happened after that.

She began meeting committed Christian people who encouraged her and loved her. She asked God for forgiveness and put her faith in Jesus Christ. She attended meetings and training with the Chi Alpha group and was baptized.

Since then, her life has radically changed!

Now Isabella has a desire to help others who feel trapped in a bad lifestyle. She wants to share her faith in Jesus and possibly become a missionary. She is so grateful and knows for certain that God is NOT dead!

Why? Because God changed her life!

Her name, Isabella, is a variation of the name Elizabeth which means "devoted to God". That explains Isabella's life today...a life that is totally devoted to God!

Her middle name, Grace, means "God's favor". Isabella is well aware of God's favor in her life as she is now free of all those things that were ruining her life.

What a joy it was for me to meet Isabella devoted to God, and who now has God's favor in her life!

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