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Jeff... This is HUGE SWFL...HUGE!!

I met Jeff while waiting for an Uber trip at the Fort Myers airport. He is a new Uber driver, and is a very down-to-earth, practical type of individual. As an example...his primary reason for driving is to make good use of the 20,000 miles still available on a leased Kia Sedona. He'd rather use those miles than lose them!

Jeff has been a successful business owner in the area. He sold golfcart batteries. But Jeff's real claim to fame is directly tied to "Mr. HUGE, himself, Mr. Billy Fuccillo".

For the past couple of years Jeff has purchased vehicles from Fuccillo Kia. As you might know, this Kia dealership LOVES to present special events and HUGE promotionals.

In both 2015 and 2016 Fuccillo Kia sponsored a miniture golf tournament for their Kia buyers. In 2015 the grand prize was a new house! In 2016 the grand prize was even "more HUGE"...a new house, a new car, and a trip around the world!!!!

Jeff entered both of these tournaments, but unlike others, he took this opportunity very seriously. Knowing that miniture golf was all about trick shots and knowing the course, he took the time and opportunity to practice, practice, practice. Remember, Jeff is a very practical guy. This challenge wasn't rocket science or just pure luck. If he prepared there could be a HUGE payoff in the end!!!

And so it happened!!!! In 2015 Jeff won the Fuccillo miniture golf tournament and a new house!!!

And, could lightning strike twice? IT DID!!!!

Jeff won the 2016 tournament by one stroke and walked away with another new house, a new Kia, and a trip around the world!!!!!

And thanks to "Mr. HUGE"...Jeff was able to add about $250,000 to his bank account!!!



1. Jeff didn't need the house, (he actually won the same house twice) car or trip so each year he accepted a generous cash offer.

2. Recently I've heard some negative press about Mr. Fuccillo and that his promotions are bogus. Although I don't know the whole story, I met a man who put some of that negativity to rest.

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