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Kervensky... Inspiration from Russia!

I recently had the pleasure to meet a fine young man with a very interesting name.

Kervensky was born in Haiti but moved to Southwest Florida when he was just two years old.

His family settled in Immokolee where he grew up.

At an early age he began playing football and continued this passion throughout high school.

Upon graduation he enrolled at Florida Southwestern College, with an interest in business. After his first year, however, he determined that practical experience may be more beneficial than the time, money and energy he might spend in college. He resigned his collegiate career and took a position with Walmart in the area of cell phone sales.

Although his time at Walmart has been positive, Kervensky has decided to take advantage of the opportunities available through the trades. He has enrolled in an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) program and will begin his training within the next couple of months.

As a young man, he still enjoys sports and an occasional computer game, but he is determined to focus his time and energy on both work and study!

Kervensky's unique name came from his father's passion as a soccer fan. One of his Dad's favorite players was a Russian athlete with a similar name.

As I searched the web for information about his unusual name, there was little to be found.

I did, however, come across a few other people with the name Kervensky. Interestingly, they each had some connection to Haiti.

Kervensky is optimistic about life and the future. He knows that it is important to believe in yourself, do what is right, and never ever give up. He would like to encourage our readers, "Don't give up on yourself! You can do it!"

It is my pleasure to welcome Kervensky to Ubernamez!


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