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Gunner... A Civic-minded Warrior!

Gunner and his friends were visiting Fort Myers Beach in April of 2020 from Mattoon, Illinois. Here in Southwest Florida they were able to escape their state's quarantine and enjoy the beaches and restaurants that were recently opened due to the Covid-19 crisis.

As a high school student, Gunner was both a scholar and an athlete. He was dedicated to playing football and tennis. (It's interesting to note that his high school "mascot" was the "Green Wave"... the same as Fort Myers High School. Whereas the Florida green wave referred to an ocean wave, the green wave of Illinois referred to the green wave of the cornfields.)

Gunner continued his education at the University of Indiana where he earned a degree in Business Management and Accounting. He currently works in sales for a communications company and has a strong entrepreneurial bent. Gunner is very civic minded and serves on the boards of several business and community organizations.

Gunner was named by his father who was an avid biker. It seems that his dad attended a motorcycle event in Sturgis, South Dakota where he met the famous, Hulk Hogan. The venue was the Sidehack Saloon and Gunner's Lounge. It was Hulk Hogan's birthday.

This event and experience has now been memorialized through the name of his son, Gunner.

A further study of the name reveals that it has Scandinavian origins and means "bold warrior". It is sometimes spelled Gunnar to make the name seem less militaristic.

From his competitive nature in both athletics and business, it seems that Gunner was given a very appropriate name.

It was great to meet Gunner and his friends. Please welcome them to Ubernamez!

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