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Winsome... Attractive in Character!

Winsome was a recent passenger who was taking a short Uber trip in the Bonita Springs area.

Her unique name immediately caught my attention and I had googled it's meaning before she entered my vehicle.

The dictionary meaning of "winsome" is "attractive or appealing in appearance or character." It can also mean "charming".


What a beautiful name!

Born and raised in Jamaica, Winsome explained that her name was more common in her native country. Ironically and sadly, in Jamaica, that particular name typically came with a negative connotation. If your name was Winsome you were somehow considered to be a "bad girl".

But, as we know, we all have the ability to choose our attitude and develop our character by the decisions we make day by day. Winsome broke the "bad girl" stigma and has determined to be a person of diligence and integrity.

After completing her secondary schooling in Jamaica she went to work as a housemaid. At the age of twenty she had a daughter, and soon after she moved with her husband and daughter to the United States.

Winsome is a diligent employee and has worked multiple jobs at restaurants and retail establishments. She currently works at Walgreens, where she has been employed for the past five years.

Winsome has faced many difficult challenges both in Jamaica and here in the states, but she has kept a positive attitude throughout and is successfully living up to her "charming" name.

It was a pleasure to have Winsome as a passenger. Please welcome her to the Ubernamez blog.

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