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Troikell... the One and Only!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Troikell (pronounced Troy-kell) and her brother, Troy. They were born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas and both were named after their father.

Troikell has five siblings...all brothers!

In high school she was an athlete and played basketball.

Shortly after graduation, her grandmother passed away.

While attending the funeral, her godmother accidentally fell into an open grave and was severely injured. It became Troikell's full time responsibility to care for her during the lengthy recovery. This incident sparked an interest in nursing.

Troikell is a dedicated Christian and met her husband in church.

In 2014 the newlyweds moved to Fort Myers where her husband works in the construction industry. About one year later their son, Jedidiah was born.

Although Troilkell has been trained as a certified nursing assistant she is also very entrepreneurial. Together with her brother, she operates a local cleaning service.

Triokell has researched her name thoroughly. She has never found another person with this name. Thanks to her father's creativity she has an extremely rare and unique name. She just may be "the one and only" Troikell.

It is also interesting to note that the name Troy (Troi) means "foot soldier". The name Kelly (kell) comes from the Gaelic tradition and means "warrior". Troikell is a powerful name!

It was my pleasure to meet this Christian "foot soldier, warrior" entrepreneur. Troikell is a force to be reckoned with, and she has a mighty God, a husband and five brothers all watching her back!

Please welcome Troikell (The One and Only) to the Ubernamez blog!

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