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Trevaren... "STAY POSITIVE!"

Trevaren (Pronounced "Trevarian") was born and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida where he attended locals schools, Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

In high school he had a passion for football and played all four years. But he also enjoyed other activities that included the chess club and writing poetry. With his friendly personality, Trevaren mingled with a variety of other students and made many close friends.

After HS graduation, Trevaren joined the US Navy and earned his "Master at Arms" rating. This is a security specialist who serves as the Navy's military police force. He was responsible for enforcing regulations, performing force protection, anti-terrorism, physical security and law enforcement duties on land and at sea.

After five years of service, including a lengthy tour in Japan, Trevaren completed his naval career. He came back to the states and went to college where he earned a degree in kinesiology and exercise.

He currently lives in Fort Myers and works as a shift manager at a CVS pharmacy, but has hopes of eventually getting a job more closely related to his field of study.

Travaren is an enthusiastic, independent young man who "marches to the beat of a different drummer."

He likes tattoos and is a big fan of anime!

His life motto is "STAY POSITIVE" and is tattooed on his arms.

Trevaren's unique name was the creation of his mother, and he has yet to find another person with the same name and spelling.

It is interesting to note that the name "Trevor" (possibly the root of Trevaren) has English and Welch origins. It comes from two words... one meaning "big, great or large" and the other which means "homestead, estate or farm"... thus a large estate.

This name is quite appropriate for Trevaren who stands at about six foot four inches tall!

It is my pleasure to thank Trevaren for his naval service and to welcome him to the Ubernamez blog!

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