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Jagadeesan... What a MARVELous name!

When the name "Jags" appeared on my Uber app I was excited to meet the man behind the name!

As I was soon to find out, Jags was a businessman from California who works in the arena of computers and IT. He was working in Fort Myers on a project to help improve the online sales for the Chico's clothing industry.

Originally from India, Jags came to the United States twenty-five years ago at the invitation of a friend who thought that Jags was "pretty sharp" and had some potential as a business partner.

He now lives in California with his wife and eighteen year old daughter, who is soon to leave "the nest". He and his wife are both excited about the future and spending more time together.

I couldn't help but notice that Jags looked so very young and healthy. He suggested that it was probably in the DNA, but also mentioned that he was an avid biker and would often take 100 mile bike trips.

Eventually I asked him about the name "Jags" and its origin. "Oh, that is my nickname," he said. "My real name is Jagadeesan."

As I asked if he knew the meaning of his name, he immediately answered, "Jagadeesan means ruler or lord of the universe!"

"Wow!!!" I exclaimed. "Your parents certainly had some high aspirations! And it seems that you are living up to the name!"

With the popularity of the Marvel Avengers series, I jokingly suggested that he had the perfect name for an upcoming character... possibly a new and exciting villain attempting to conquer the universe.

In my opinion, Jagadeesan was such a MARVELous name!

It was my pleasure to have Jags as my passenger! I appreciated his good nature and willingness to share about his awesome name.

Please welcome Jagadeesan to Ubernamez!

quite saarp and could go into business togeterhe.

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