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Verritt... Dedicated to God and truth!

Late one evening I had Verritt as a passenger. She had just completed working a shift at the Bagel Bites plant in Fort Myers and was ready to get home and relax.

Verritt was named after her great-grandmother, and her name is pronounced with a long "e". The name comes from the Latin word "veritas" which means truth, and is best spoken with a French accent.

Verritt was born in Indiana but has also lived in Minnesota, Virginia and Florida.

When she moved to Southwest Florida she attended Evangelical Christian School from fourth grade through her sophomore year.

In order to experience a secular school, however, she completed her junior and senior years at Cypress Lake High School.

Verritt always enjoyed athletics and played basketball, soccer, softball, along with track and field. Thanks to her grandfather, however, she also enjoyed music and became a big Benny Goodman fan. She learned to play the clarinet and sang in the choir.

Verritt is a devoted Christian and loves God with all of her heart, soul and mind. Although she was teased as the "church girl" while attending high school, she has remained committed to God and truthfulness. She has a sincere desire to help others and, as a member of a local church, she has served in a food pantry and has also volunteered in a children's ministry.

Verritt and her 21 year old daughter live together and enjoy working for the same company.

She also has an awesome service dog that provides emotional support and comfort to face life's challenges.

It was a pleasure to meet Verritt and welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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