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Elita... superior in ability and quality!

Elita was born and raised in Southwest Florida and grew up on Sanibel Island.

After graduating from Cypress Lake High School she went on to Florida Gulf Coast University where she earned a degree in poetry and literature.

After college she accepted a position in England where she lived and worked a "desk job" for five years.

She was ready for a change of pace and moved back to Southwest Florida where she developed the skills as a hairstylist. Today she works at a salon on Fort Myers Beach.

Now, settled back in area, she is living the lifestyle totally of her own choosing. For a time she was a member of a punk band, and she loves to support local musicians and sing karaoke. Some favorite hangouts include Backstreets, Mona Lisa and the Buddha Rock Club.

Elita has not lost her love of literature and poetry. Periodically she hosts an open mic night called "Spoken Beats" at Beach Records on Fort Myers Beach. She encourages "songwriters, poets and beat makers" to participate.

Her unique name comes from French and Latin origins and means "elite" (superior in terms of ability or qualities.) It can also mean "chosen one".

It was a joy to have Elita as a passenger.

Please welcome her to Ubernamez!

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