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Thiago... active, adventurous, amiable accountant!

Although I typically avoid the long Uber queue at the Fort Myers airport, sometimes I'll check in late at night when the final flights are coming in and drivers are not as plentiful.

It was on such a night that I met Thiago and his lovely wife, Anne.

They were headed to Captiva Island for a long weekend get-away and some rest and relaxation. This would be their final opportunity, prior to embarking on one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures of their life...parenting!

That's right! Thiago and Anne are expecting their first child, a son, who will be arriving in April. What an exciting time for them!

Thiago was born in Brazil, but came to the United States with his family when he was seven years old. Settling in New York City, his father launched a business building swimming pools. Working with his father, and from his example, Thiago developed the character qualities of diligence and responsibility.

In high school Thiago enjoyed being with friends and having fun. Although he admitted that he was not the best student, Thiago always had a job and he learned vital "people skills".

These intangibles would serve him well, both in his career and in his personal life.

Thiago went on to college and earned a degree in accounting from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He now works on Wall Street and lives in Brooklyn.

As a big fan of both Brazilian soccer and travel, Thiago attended the last two World Cup events. The 2014 tournament was in his home country of Brazil, and the 2018 World Cup was in Russia.

Thiago's hobbies include cooking and wine tasting. He and Anne have traveled to wineries throughout New York State, along with wine destinations in South America.

Thiago is a planner. He loves to arrange special date nights with Anne, and also lots of travel excursions. With a newborn on the way, however, they know that there will be adjustments to their current lifestyle. I expect that when the time is right their son will enjoy a life of fun and adventure with Mom and Dad!

In recent years, the name Thiago has become very popular in Portuguese speaking countries. It means "Saint James", who was the half brother of Jesus Christ. James is a form of the name Jacob meaning "supplanter". I personally think that the new meaning for Thiago should be "active, adventurous, amiable accountant"!

Anne is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and earned her degree in interior design from a Midwest college. While working in Manhattan she and Thiago met through an on-line dating service. She was attracted to his friendly personality and wit, along with his willingness and desire to interact face to face. They were married by the Justice of the Peace at the courthouse in Manhattan, but also arranged a destination wedding in Mexico with family and friends.

What a fun couple!

It was such a pleasure to have them as passengers!

Please welcome Thiago and Anne to the Ubernamez blog.

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