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Baughb... #uniqueCamper

I first met Baughb over two years ago in a Sam's Club parking lot. At that time he had been on the road in this camper for 275 days. He is still on the road and has now been traveling for over 1000 days!

So, some of you have met Baughb before.

My first blog about him was titled "Baugh...there's more than one way to spell BOB!"

(At this time, you may want to google that blog before reading further.)

When I first laid eyes on his brightly painted camper, I knew that I wanted to meet the owner and add him to the Ubernamez blog. Little did I realize that, not only did he have a unique set of wheels, but that he also spelled his name in a very creative and unique manner... perfect for Ubernamez!

I've been following Baughb on Facebook since that day.

Recently we had an opportunity to meet for lunch in Fort Myers and I was able to enjoy hearing more about his travels, and the new modifications to his camper.

Baugh has traveled extensively throughout the southwestern parts of the United States. He typically stays at a free, inexpensive and/or "off the beaten path" camp ground.

Now that he keeps a kayak on board, he enjoys finding a spot with a lake and some good fishing! In the photo below you can see his army green kayak stowed behind his spare tire.

As you might imagine, Baughb is extremely creative and clever. He is an inventor, a botanist, a handyman, a plumber, a mechanic, a computer tech and an electrician!

He is the genius behind this mobile living space!

Baugh is continually adding new and innovative features to his camper. He has installed strategically placed solar panels to power his refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, various pumps and other electrical devices. He has recently added a wind turbine to generate electricity when the sun is not available for solar. It sits atop a telescopic pole on the back end of the camper.

He has learned to utilize his smart phone to meet a variety of needs that include GPS, travel, social media, banking, repairs, shopping, photography and video, and even tracking his battery levels!

Although his smart phone is a vital tool for day to day living, Baughb still relies on some "old school" gauges, dials, buttons and switches to monitor many aspects of his rig. Sitting in the drivers seat (an extremely comfortable bucket seat that was taken from another vehicle and modified for his needs.) you feel that you are in an airplane cockpit (possibly from the "Flight of the Phoenix") surrounded by an extensive instrument panel.

At the entrance to his living quarters Baughb has a basket that contains two very specific plants. One that is known to repel mosquitoes and the other that helps keep flies away. Because of his use of these plants, he has little problems with pests inside the camper.

One side of his camper is painted with a house, flowers and a picket fence. The other side, however, is still waiting for Baughb's creative artistry. It will eventually be painted from the viewpoint inside the mouth of a massive space monster who will be devouring the solar system.

Baughtb will be spending the winter traveling throughout the state of Florida and visiting family. If it is not obvious at this point in the blog, please understand that Baughb truly fascinates me! Please pray for his safe travels.

It is my joy and delight to share his story on the blog.

Please welcome him, for the second time, to Ubernamez!

Baughb quotes...

"My camper is handy not dandy, cozy not rosey."

"I'm built for comfort, not speed."

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