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Milagros and Carolina... Sisters!

One evening I received a trip request from two young ladies who were heading downtown to celebrate a birthday.

"Millie" was turning 23 years old and was excited to share a fun night on the town with her best friend, and older sister, Carolina.

The sisters are the youngest of five siblings and were born in Argentina, where they spent their first ten years. Their parents had a dream, however, to immigrate to the United States and provide a better life for their family.

At the time it is was easier to immigrate to Canada, so that's where the journey began. This is where the girls attended school and spent their NEXT ten years.

In high school, Millie was a talented athlete who excelled in field hockey. After high school she continued her studies and earned a degree in interior design. Today she is an award-winning designer of bathrooms and kitchens and works for a company in Naples, Florida.

Carolina, in contrast, was much more "artsy" and participated in musical and theatrical activities. She now has a career in the field of physical therapy and works here in Fort Myers.

Although it took twenty years, the family dream of immigrating to the United States eventually became a reality. They now hold dual citizenship in both Canada and the United States.

Both gals have unique names.

"Millie", I came to find out, is in fact "Milagros", and she is the youngest. It seems that her parents had believed that their child-bearing days had ended with Carolina. But less than two years later Milagros was born. Her name is the Spanish word for "miracle"!

What a wonderful reminder that life IS a miracle that should be cherished and celebrated!

(It's interesting to note that Milagros and Carolina were born some thirteen years after the older three siblings. That's why it seemed so miraculous!)

Carolina is the feminine form of the name Charles and means "free-woman". It can also mean "song of happiness and joy". Carolina wanted to encourage our readers to "Live and enjoy every day of their lives! Realize that you only have one shot, so do the things that really make you happy!"

It was a real joy for me see sisters enjoying life together and to share in the birthday celebration!

Please welcome Milagros and Carolina to Ubernamez!

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