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Salaar... Born a "leader"!

Salaar (Sah-lar) was born and raised in Wisconsin, but recently moved to Southwest Florida where his father came to serve our community as a gastroenterologist.

He just graduated from high school and is now beginning to take summer courses at Florida Southwestern College. Although he has not yet declared a major, Salaar is considering a degree in business.

Since childhood Salaar has enjoyed physical activity and he has been studying and practicing martial arts and boxing for many years.

Thanks to a bad haircut when he was in junior high school, Salaar began cutting and trimming his own hair. Since then, he's become an amateur barber and often cuts hair for family members and friends.

His unique name has Muslim origins and means "leader". It is a strong name that reflects his family roots and heritage from the country of Pakistan.

Thanks to his name, you might say that Salaar is "born a leader"!

And, as he continues his studies and gains life experience, I'm certain that he will grow to become a man who guides and directs others through his positive influence.

It was a pleasure to have Salaar as a passenger.

Please welcome him to the Ubernamez family!

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