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Harley... "Pure Country"

Tonight I picked up Harley and her good friend, Lydia, for a night out at Millennial Brewing Company in downtown Fort Myers.

They had just enjoyed a busy day of kayak adventures, along with some painful sunburn, but were now ready for some music, liquid refreshment and relaxation.

Although they live in different parts of Florida, Harley and Lydia have been good friends for about two years and enjoy getting together.

Originally from Wisconsin, Harley began studying to become a dental hygienist. Through a series of circumstances, however, she took a position with an assisted living organization in Fort Myers. She currently works as a recruiter, directly assisting families in meeting their specific needs for housing and medical care.

She also earned a business degree from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Thanks to her step-father, Harley enjoys fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. Each fall she heads back to Wisconsin to visit family and participate in their deer hunting season.

Her unique name has two potential origins depending on who you ask.

From her father's perspective, the name was inspired by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. But, her mother would beg to differ. She says the name was selected from a fictional movie character, Harley Tucker, in the 1992 film, Pure Country.

The name Harley is derived from two Old English words hara meaning hare or rabbit, and leah, meaning wood, clearing or meadow. Harley literally means "hare's meadow".

From her close resemblance to the Harley Tucker character, along with her love of nature, and her "free spirit", Harley Davidson persona, it seems that her parents selected the perfect name!

Lydia, who hails from the great state of Pennsylvania works as a project manager for a large restoration company near Orlando.

Her name means "kind" or "kindred spirit".

It is no wonder that Lydia and Harley are best of friends!

What a pleasure to have them as passengers and to welcome them to Ubernamez!


As we enjoyed our conversation and chatted during the trip, we all experienced a strong sense of deja-vu.

After further discussion, we came to realize that Harley and Lydia had been my passengers back in September of 2018.

At that time, I invited Harley to Ubernamez and had planned to write her blog. Unfortunately, I "dropped the ball" and never completed her post.

Tonight I'm trying to make amends by moving her and Lydia to the front of the line!

Included are photos taken September 2018 and June 2019.

Welcome, Harley and Lydia to the Ubernamez blog!

Thanks for your patience!

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