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Kyshia... full of life and great joy!

This past week I had the joy of having Kyshia (Key-sha) as an Uber passenger. The unique spelling and pronunciation of her name immediately caught my attention.

Kyshia's name was inspired by utilizing elements of her parent's names...Kenneth and Fauziah.

Her name, more commonly spelled Keisha, means "life", "great joy", or "favorite". It seems an appropriate name for such a friendly and enthusiastic young lady with a big beautiful smile!

Her father, Kenneth, was an engineer from New Jersey who traveled extensively. While working in Singapore he met Kyshia's mother, Fauziah. The couple was married and moved to California where Kyshia was born.

With a growing family (five daughters and one son), coupled with the high cost of living in California, the family decided to relocate to Virginia. That is where Kyshia was raised and went to school.

From an early age Kyshia began taking dance lessons. She loves ballet and, to this day, continues to hone her skills. These ballet lessons not only provide enjoyment and vigorous exercise, but also promote good overall health and a sense of wellness.

Kyshia continued her education in Florida and is a graduate of the University of South Florida. Here she earned a bachelor's degree in bio-chemistry. She currently works as a medical scribe for a hand surgeon, but eventually would like to become a surgical assistant.

It was my pleasure to have Kyshia as my passenger, and welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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