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Ia... master stylist!

Ia (EE-ah) is a regular Uber user, and has been my passenger on several occasions. She is a Florida gal who was born and raised in Key West, FL.

After graduating from Key West High School she began learning the skill of hair-styling. Over time, and with years of training, she has become a skillful artisan. She has now been in the hair business for over 23 years and is a master stylist.

Ia owns and operates an upscale hair salon in Fort Myers on McGregor Boulevard.

You can visit Ia, and her creative staff, at the Studio 44 Hair Salon.

Her short, yet classic, name was selected by loving parents who had anticipated the arrival of a baby boy. Because they had already selected the name "Ian" they decided to simply drop the "n" and name their baby girl, Ia!

The name Ia has Georgian origins and is mostly used in Hindi speaking countries. It literally means "violet flowers".

Ia is the mother of two children; a twenty-four year old daughter and a two year old son named William.

Ia holds the title for the shortest name on the Ubernamez blog!

Please welcome Ia to the Ubernamez family!

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