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Julissa... Who Moved My Cheese?

One evening I enjoyed a quick Uber trip with Julissa.

Originally from a town outside of Chicago, Julissa moved to Fort Myers about a year ago. She joined her family who had been searching for greater opportunities, warmer weather, and a better standard of living in the South.

Julissa was named by her father, who had always loved the name "Alyssa". He wanted a name with similarities, but, also, with a unique twist.

Julissa is considered to be a modern invented name... a hybrid utilizing the names Julia and Alyssa.

Julia is a Roman name meaning "soft-haired" or "youthful", while Alyssa can mean "nobility", "rational" or "logical".

Therefore, Julissa seems to be an appropriate name for a logical, young lady who holds her head high!

Julissa has always been a big animal lover. When she arrived in Southwest Florida she was immediately hired as a "vet tech" (veterinarian technician) in Cape Coral. Although she loved her position and working with animals, the pay was not providing enough to meet her needs. Julissa resigned her job and went in search of a better opportunity with higher wages and benefits.

Her willingness to move and to seek a better life reminded me of the two little mice in the famous book, Who Moved My Cheese? When their cheese ran out, these two mice did not wait around looking for a hand-out. Instead, they put on their sneakers and diligently searched for some "new cheese".

Julissa's determination paid off, as she was soon hired by a dental office where she prepares and submits insurance claims.

It was my pleasure to meet such an outgoing and diligent young lady! I'm so glad that she discovered some great 'new cheese' right here in Fort Myers, Florida!

Please welcome Julissa to the Ubernamez blog!

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