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Jack... "Operation Deep Freeze"

Jack has been a regular Uber passenger for the past year and

I've enjoyed getting to know him and his dear wife, Claire.

He is active in the community and is a dedicated volunteer at Lee Memorial Hospital. There, he works in the cardiac unit and is responsible to encourage and chat with patients. He serves as a liaison between the hospital and those they strive to assist.

Originally from Massachusetts, Jack is a nickname for his given name, John, which means "God has been gracious".

Jack is a retired naval officer who served from 1963-1972 in the area of supply distribution and logistics.

One of his more memorable missions was named "Operation Deep Freeze". He was responsible for providing materials and provision for McMurdo Station located a the South Pole!

The location and nature of this mission made it particularly challenging. But with Jack's 'can do' attitude, this made it all the more rewarding.

There in the cold of Antarctica, Jack saw Emperor penguins for the first time! And although he was warned of the dangers of their strong flippers, it was a thrill for him to come within a few feet of these amazing creatures, some standing five feet tall.

To my knowledge, Jack is my only passenger that has set foot on this continent or has been to the South Pole.

That is AWESOME!

Please join me in thanking Jack for his service to our country, and welcome him to the Ubernamez blog!

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