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Brenda... 10,000th UBER trip!

Brenda and Todd are originally from Indiana but moved to Fort Myers when they were young. They have actually known each other since grade school and have reconnected as adults.

Brenda worked in the medical field most of her life, but made a transition three years ago. She now works in the office for a CPA firm and is loving her new position and responsibilities.

Todd is a dedicated fire fighter here in Lee County

Today is St. Patrick's Day and it seemed appropriate that the name Brenda comes from Gaelic origins. Brenda has a variety of meanings that include "little raven", "sword", and "torch".

The name was originally used only in the Shetland Isles of Scotland but spread to other parts of the English speaking world after Brenda appeared as a heroine in Sir Walter Scott's 1822 novel, The Pirate.

As fate would have it, Todd also has Scottish origins and means "fox". He is someone who is sly and clever.

Brenda and Todd are special guests to the Ubernamez blog as I was privileged to have them as passengers for my 10,000th Uber trip!

As you might imagine, Brenda was a bit confused, yet delighted, as I draped 10 beaded necklaces over her head and handed her a balloon along with a large gift bag.

They were so excited and grateful for their good fortune!

Today was their "lucky" day and this was definitely a memorable, "five star" Uber trip for us all!

Congratulations to Brenda and Todd!

Note: As my 10,000th trip was approaching I decided to do something special for that request. Not only would they be included on the Ubernamez blog, but I prepared a gift bag filled with a variety of little gifts for their enjoyment.


- beaded necklaces

- two water bottles

- container filled with dum dums and smarties

- chamois cloth

- candies including M&M's and Baby Ruths

- bag of mints

- bag of trail mix

- free coffee WaWa gift card

- deck of cards

- large jacks (a game in a can)

- coloring book for adults

- box of crayons

- special key and key chain

- car cellphone mount

- laser pointer and stylus

- little bell

- vanilla candle

- cupcake notepad

- interesting facts about the 50 states

- 2 Bibles

- "Lucky Day" pin

- various small gifts

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