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Kit... "fearless, tenacious and skilled"

Several weeks ago I picked up four passengers in downtown Fort Myers. One couple lived in the area and the other was visiting from Illinois. They were enjoying the evening and headed to the Dixie Road House for some country line dancing.

Kit, who requested the trip, is originally from a rural area of Illinois.

Back in 2017 there were few opportunities in his community for an ambitious young man like Kit. So, when Hurricane Irma hit the state of Florida, he saw this as a life changing adventure!

Being trained in basic electronics, he came to Fort Myers looking for a job to help repair the power grid, possibly as an apprentice linesman.

He landed a job with MasTec where he launched his new career. After working diligently and helping to restore power in Southwest Florida, he is still with that company today.

He recently purchased a house in Cape Coral with his girlfriend, Paige, and has decided to plant his roots in Lee County.

Kit was named after Kit Carson, the famous American frontiersman. Carson gained notoriety from "dime novels" that exaggerated his western exploits and adventures. He had a reputation of being fearless, tenacious, and skilled in combat.

The name Kit is from the Greek and means "carrier of Christ" or "famous bearer". Apparently, Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, is believed to have once carried the Christ-child across a river.

Wow! That sounds like something that mountain-man, Kit Carson, would have done!

Kit has a sister named Autumn and two brothers, appropriately named Carson and Cody.

It was a pleasure to welcome Kit to the Ubernamez blog.

Note: Kit's girlfriend, Paige, was highlighted in an Ubernamez blog about a year ago. That blog was about Paige and a co-worker named Lane. The blog was titled "This Bud's for You".

I mistook Paige and Lane as a serious "couple" when, in fact, they were just friends. They both thought it was quite amusing, and enjoyed being on the blog.

How fun to see Paige and welcome her, once again, to the Ubernamez blog!

Paige seems to attract men with unique names!

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