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CeAnne... "Happy, frustrated, wonderful, or grumpy"

CeAnne and her husband, Jeff, are originally from Wisconsin, where they ran a business cleaning meat packing facilities.

They retired to Fort Myers 15 years ago and immediately purchased a large home on the beautiful Caloosahatchee River.

CeAnne was supposedly named after the girlfriend of her father's Marine Corp buddy. The family often teases that possibly her dad had one drink too many, and that her name was intended to be DeAnne or LeAnne.

When I asked about the meaning of her name, Jeff quickly interjected, "Her name has PLENTY of meanings... happy, frustrated, wonderful, or grumpy... it all depends on her mood!"

When performing my own internet search I found a person from the United Kingdom who suggested the name is of an Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "smart and protected".

Whatever the case, CeAnne has an awesome name with a plethora of meanings.

It was my delight to have these youthful and energetic retirees as my passengers.

They are obviously enjoying life in Southwest Florida!

Please welcome CeAnne and Jeff to Ubernamez!

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