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Quintrilla... Fifth child, third girl!

One afternoon I had the great pleasure of meeting Quintrilla and driving her to work.

She is a bonafide Floridian, born and raised right here in Fort Myers!

After graduating from Cypress Lake High School, Quintrilla entered the workforce and started her first job. She's now been working at McDonald's for several years and is progressing into a management position.

Quintrilla loves her job and especially interacting with the younger employees.

As a young 12 year old girl, Quintrilla witnessed a horrific crime perpetrated against her grandmother. As a means to cope with the heartbreak and trauma of this event, Quintrilla determined to love people, smile enthusiastically and work diligently. This therapy has helped her to develop into the upbeat person she is today.

She sports a contagious smile, a super, positive attitude and a joyful laugh. Quintrilla is a testimony to the power of enthusiasm!

When I inquired about her unique name she explained, "It's really quite simple. I'm the fifth child and the third girl in my family."

What a great name!

Her parents are obviously creative!

It is interesting to note that few people actually know Quintrilla's real name. People often have difficulty with the pronunciation, so she is actually known her middle name, Shavon.

What a joy to have Quintrilla as my passenger!

Please welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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