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Graydon..."Just Chillin"

One evening I had the pleasure of meeting an interesting young couple named Graydon and Lexi.

He is originally from South Dakota but now lives near Knoxville, Tennessee.

His visit to Fort Myers was specifically to spend some time with Lexi, who lives here in Lee County.

The two met on-line about five years ago, while in their early teens, and they have kept up a long-distance friendship.

Once they got a little older, they decided to meet one another face to face. Graydon has actually come Southwest Florida several times to see her. They both seemed interested in developing their relationship as a couple.

Graydon is a college student interested in studying sound design, but he also works at a Wendy's restaurant.

He and Lexi are both very relaxed and they enjoy watching movies, hanging out, and "just chillin".

Although Graydon was unaware of any significance to the selection of his unique name, it comes from English origins and means "son of the gray-haired one".

Whatever their future holds I want to wish them both the best!

Please welcome Graydon to Ubernamez!

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