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Kiran... Ray of Light!

One afternoon I picked up two young ladies, Kiran and Kacie, from downtown Fort Myers. They were taking a short, five minute trip to the Oasis Condominium.

After a quick interview, I learned that Kiran comes from an Indian heritage. She was born in Canada but as a youth moved to Kentucky with her family.

She was a student athlete, excelling at soccer and graduating from University of Kentucky. After working two years with Apple, she was recruited by Gartner here in Fort Myers.

She and her friend, Kacie, are new to the area and work together in sales.

Kiran (Kee-run), is an Indian name that means "ray

of light". Based on her big smile and cheerful attitude she is definitely living up to her name.

The name Kacie, I'm told, was chosen by her mother... a huge fan of Casey Stengel and the New York Mets!

It is my pleasure to welcome Kiran and Kacie to the Ubernamez blog!

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