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Nohelly...a ray of sunshine!

Just prior to the 2018 Christmas Holiday season I had the pleasure of having Nohelly as an Uber passenger.

Her name immediately caught my attention as I identified

the word "Noel" and was able to properly pronounced her name "Noel-ee".

To my surprise, however, she was not born in December and was not named after the word "Noel".

She was, in fact, named by her grandmother who got the name from a character on a television soap opera!

The name is extremely rare and according to a web search only five people born in the United States even bare the name. Nohelly means "shining light", "sun ray" or "the bright one".

Born in Honduras, Nohelly moved to Cape Coral with her brother and parents at the age of four. She attended Ida Baker High School where she excelled in soccer and track. Hohelly went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University and is currently enrolled in an accelerated nursing program at Rasmussen College.

She is a diligent, bilingual, educated young woman who is not only a nursing student, but also works as a waitress at Monarca's Mexican Restaurant.

More impressive than her unique name and strong work ethic, is her positive and upbeat attitude. She is friendly, sincere, and cares about people. She really is a "ray of sunshine"!

She encouraged my faith and confidence in today's millennial generation while living up to the meaning of her name.

Thanks, Nohelly, for being a genuinely good and honorable human being! I enjoyed having you as a passenger and I believe that you will be an excellent nurse!

Please welcome Nohelly to Ubernamez!

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