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Shubhanker... AUSPICIOUS!

When the name "Shub" popped up on my Uber app I felt confident that I would meet a great candidate for the Ubernamez blog.

I was not disappointed!

My passenger was a quiet spoken, young man in his early twenties who, I learned, was born in India. Because of his mother's career, however, he has lived the better part of his life in both England and Barbados.

Shub is a shortened version of his actual name, Shubhanker. When I inquired about the meaning of his name he immediately responded, "Shubhanker means auspicious."

Although I wasn't familiar with that term I learned that it means "favorable, good, encouraging, and conducive to success".

Wow! What a great name!

And, he is definitely living up to that name.

While living in Barbados, Shub and a couple of friends launched a successful marketing blog. They promote the country of Barbados and include information that would both attract visitors and also keep the locals up to date with "everything Barbados". They currently have over 25,000 followers!

Shub is currently in Fort Myers learning to fly an airplane at the Paragon Flight School at Page Field Airport. His goal is to become a commercial airline pilot and possibly fly with a Chinese airline.

With such an auspicious name, how could he possibly fail?

It is my great pleasure to welcome Shubhanker to Ubernamez!

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