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Kijana... a "Bizzy" young man!

Recently I received a trip request from a passenger, identified in my Uber app as "Bizzy".

He was a motivated and enthusiastic young man just getting off work from a dance studio in Fort Myers.

When I asked if "Bizzy" was his real name he exclaimed, "Oh, no! That's just a nickname. My real name is "KJ"!"

Apparently he got his nickname while attending Lehigh High School, where he was an over-active teen involved in sports, music, theater and dance. His friends knew that KJ was always on the move and extremely busy! Thus, the nickname.

Throughout his life KJ has been mentored by his older sister who has encouraged him in dance and in developing his creativity. The sibling pair are instructors at a dance studio but have also participated in dance competitions. They have a dream of, one day, performing on a national stage with "America's Got Talent".

Just a few minutes before we arrived at KJ's destination I inquired, "And what does "KJ" stand for?" To my amazement he answered, "It stands for my given name, "Kijana".

Wow, I had never heard that name before!

This revelation opened up a whole new dialogue, and I was excited to invite him to the Ubernamez blog. He shared that Kijana is actually Swahili in origin and means "proud youth".

Kijana is a young man that should be proud of his talents and accomplishments.

He wanted our readers to know that as a child he was diagnosed as ADHD and was required to take daily medications. He said that although he did OK in school he felt sedated, and that much of his creativity had been stifled.

Thanks to his sister's encouragement, along with his own desire, enthusiasm and drive, he has begun to blossom.

His goal is to travel, perform and teach young people.

He said, "I want kids to know that I've been where YOU are. You CAN do it...never give up!"

It is my joy to welcome Kijana to the Ubernamez blog, and we hope to see you soon on America's Got Talent!

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