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Hollis... Diligence pays off!

Hollis is an entrepreneurial young man with big dreams for the future! He would like to develop a franchise restaurant with a focus on quality food and excellent service.

A native of Fort Myers, Hollis attended Cypress Lakes High School and played baseball. During his senior year he took a job at Ruby Tuesday's where he worked his way up the ranks and developed an interest in cooking and the restaurant business.

During his years at Ruby Tuesday's he had the opportunity to see the business from a variety of perspectives. He is confident that this experience will, one day, be helpful in launching his own restaurants.

Recently he has taken a new position at an assisted living community. There, with greater responsibilities, Hollis is also enjoying better pay and good benefits.

His unique name is actually a "legacy connection" to his parents, who had previously lived in Hollis, Queens, New York.

The name Hollis literally means "one who lives near the holly trees", but one source also suggested that the name can also mean "hero".

However you look at it, Hollis has a great name that will serve to remind him of his roots. It will also motivate him to be someone's hero and role model as he chases his dreams.

Hollis is living proof that diligence pays off!

Please welcome Hollis to the Ubernamez blog!

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