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Marja... entertainer and entreprenuer

One evening I had the privilege to meet Marja. She was off to work at her part-time job at the famous Buddha on McGregor Boulevard.

As we talked, I realized that not only did Marja have an intriguing name, but she was also a very interesting person!

Marja grew up on the East Coast of Florida in Boca Raton. After graduating from high school she moved to the Fort Myers area where she worked in the banking industry. Eventually, with two small children, the stress of her job and the 9-5 schedule just became too much. She wanted more flexibility and time with her family.

So, Marja became both an entertainer and an entrepreneur. She started a business that focused on kids events and birthday parties. After years of honing her skills through education and experience she is now a professional singer, balloon twister, Disc Jockey, face painter, body artist, dancer, and even a clown! She was actually trained by a professional from the Barnum and Bailey Circus Company!

Marja loves children and really enjoys working with autistic and special needs kids.

Her business, Eventful Entertainment, has expanded well beyond entertainment for children only. Her repertoire also includes singing telegrams, adult themed body art, and character appearances at special events.

As a side job she serves as a bartender on weekends at the Buddha.

Marja's name was a special gift from her mother who had once heard the name and fell in love with it.

Her unique name is actually derived from the names Mary or Maria and has a variety of possible meanings that include "beloved", "wished for child", "rebellion", or even "bitter".

Marja grew up hearing that her name meant "warrior, strength, and ruler"...which are all attributes of a "righteous rebel".

Marja has a wonderful name, and she definitely demonstrates a strong work ethic and an attitude of determination!

It was my pleasure to meet Marja and to welcome her to Ubernamez!

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