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Idanilis... 5000th five star trip!

I have been a ride-share driver with Uber and Lyft for over three years, with close to 10,000 completed trips. Although a large percentage of passengers fail to provide a rating for their drivers, I am grateful for those who appreciate a pleasant ride with quality service, AND take the time to say so by giving a 5 star rating.

This week I've been inching closer toward a five star milestone. And I had already determined to write a special blog about the passenger that helped me to reach this goal.

I am overjoyed to introduce you to THAT passenger, who just so happens to have an amazing name...Idanilis!

Although I struggled with the proper pronunciation, she patiently assisted. Her name is pronounced Ee-duh-knee-liss.

Apparently I'm not the first person who has experienced difficulty pronouncing her name. When I asked if she used a shortened version or a nickname, I was surprised that she actually goes by the name "Jay"!

"It just makes life easier", she stated.

Her unique name is actually a modification of her aunt's middle name, Idanis.

This young lady is originally from Puerto Rico but has lived in the states for the past two years. Thanks to an uncle, who lives in the area, she just recently moved to Fort Myers. She is completing her senior year of studies at Coronado High School and also working at the Save-A-Lot food store.

After graduation she has plans to attend Florida South Western State College to pursue a career as a radiologist.

Idanilis has a love and passion for singing and, except for an issue with stage-fright, would really enjoy performing in front of an audience. Who knows...Karaoke may be a good starting point.

It was my pleasure to have Idanilis as my passenger!

Officially... on August 16, 2018 at 2:55 pm, Idanilis was my 9073rd Uber completion and became the 5000th rated five star trip!

It is my great pleasure to welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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