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Bartolo... building for the future!

One day I picked up a young Uber user by the name of Bartolo.

He came to the United States from Guatemala when he was just three years old and has lived his entire life in Bonita Springs, Florida.

This year he graduated from Estero High School where he was a member of JROTC and a building design club.

Bartolo has a sincere passion for architecture, construction and building design! He is currently working at a restaurant and saving his money to attend Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. There he plans to build for the future by earning a degree in the field of construction and design.

Bartolo was named after his grandfather. This is a Spanish name that means "son of a farmer" or "ploughman". When pronounced correctly the name utilizes two long "o's" and rhymes with "polo".

Bartolo does not utilize any common nicknames such as "Bart". He is grateful for his heritage and has always used his name of birth.

I am happy to welcome Bartolo to Ubernamez, and wish him the best of luck pursuing his passion in construction and building design!

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