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Sundown... "You better take care!"

From time to time I pick up a passenger with such a unique name that I assume it is either a nickname, an alias, or possibly a typographical error.

Sundown was such a passenger.

Originally from Indiana, Sundown was born to a "biker" dad and a "hippie" mom. His parents were big time music lovers and named their son after the famous Gordon Lightfoot song, "Sundown"!

Although I was not familiar with the song, Sundown commented that the lyrics most probably referenced Lightfoot's battle with alcoholism or a stressful relationship with a woman. He suggested that his parents could have selected a name from a more uplifting song.

But, Sundown keeps things positive. He has a great attitude and is known to many by the nickname "Sunny".

This name is quite appropriate, as it means "one who is cheerful and bright".

Sundown has faithfully served our country in the United States Army. He is a retired, 20 year, veteran who also served a tour in Iraq.

An avid skateboarder, Sundown, totally enjoys the sport and the business of skateboarding. He personally knows some of the top professional skateboarders in the country!

Today, Sundown is enjoying life and resides in a historic area of downtown Fort Myers. His late 19th century apartment complex once housed Thomas Edison during the time that his estate was being built on McGregor Boulevard.

Thank you, Sundown, for your service to our country, and for sharing the story behind your awesome name.

And, as the lyrics of the song remind you, "Sundown, you'd better take care."

God bless and welcome to Ubernamez!

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