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Xusca... Entrepreneur and Animal Lover!

One day while browsing the computers at Sam's Club, I was approached by a bright and smiling young lady who asked if I needed assistance. "Yes! I certainly do!", I exclaimed.

I was planning to purchase a new laptop for my wife and was totally out of my element. There were so many makes, models, features and price variations.

I was lost, and for once, I was actually glad that an associate offered to help.

As I glanced at her name tag I was surprised to see a unique name that I did not recognize. And I had no idea how to pronounce it. The name was "Xusca".

"You have a very interesting name." I said.

"And how do you pronounce it?"

She answered, " Dr. Suess with a 'ka' at the end."

Wow! I immediately recognized a new candidate for Ubernamez, and she happily accepted my invitation to join the blog!

Xusca was born in the Bronx, New York but has lived in Fort Myers for the past 16 years. Right out of high school she entered the work force and took a job learning about credit repair. She's worked in that field for several years but also took a sales position with Direct TV. The day that we met she was assigned to sell satellite subscriptions at Sam's Club. When she noticed my "lost state" she took the initiative to assist, and was happy to help me select the right laptop for my wife.

Xusca was both professional and entrepreneurial, but she admitted that she really has a heart for animals. At one time she even considered becoming a veterinarian. Although it seems unlikely that she will pursue that career, she does have one orange cat with the prrrfect name...Garfield!

When I specifically asked about the origin of her name, Xusca, she said it was created by her mother and that it had no specific meaning.

But, based on her personality and our interaction, I will take the liberty to create a definition for her name. The name Xusca now, unofficially, means "friendly, cheerful and entrepreneur and animal lover".

Please welcome Xusca to Ubernamez!

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