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Nikole... "You can't make this stuff up!"

I picked up John and Nikole late one night on Fort Myers Beach. They had lost a car key and found themselves

stranded and in need of transportation.

The unique spelling of Nikole's name caught my attention and I was interested to hear her story.

Nikole is from Cincinnati, Ohio and is a kitchen manager at Buffalo Wild Wings. She also works at a Chevrolet Parts Distribution Center where she tosses about fenders, hoods, and bumpers.

She enthusiastically shared that she was born to "hippy" parents with a German father and a Cherokee Indian mother.

Nikole has three older brothers, and when she was born her parents were fully expecting a fourth son, to be named Nicholas. Upon her arrival, however, the name was modified to "Nikole".

As a side note she mentioned that after three sons, pregnancy and birth was "old hat" to her dad. He was actually deer hunting while his wife labored and gave birth to Nikole!

Nikole then exclaimed, "You can't make this s##t up!"

She then confessed that she had a bit of a foul mouth, but she was "working on it".

Nikole went on to share a bizarre story about a 32 year old woman who "met" a 17 year young man on-line, in a chat room. The two initiated an on-line relationship and eventually met for a date. The woman, coming to her senses in regard to the age difference and the legality of such a relationship, terminated contact with the young man.

It was over!

Again she exclaimed, "You can't make this s##t up!"

But the saga continued...

Years later, and through the miracle of FaceBook, the man (now 27 years old) reconnected with this woman. He hadn't forgotten about her and was still interested in developing a relationship.

He had moved to Florida to care for his ill mother but invited the 42 year old woman to come and visit sometime.

Well...that sometime was NOW!

That couple was John and Nikole! And she had just flown into Fort Myers earlier that day!



And once again she exclaimed, "You can't make this s##t up!"

Wow! What a name, and what a story!

Then I, too, exclaimed, "You are right, Nikole! You cant' make this STUFF up!"

Best of luck to you both, and welcome to Ubernamez!

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