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Dax... An Ancient Spa Town!

Dax was a recent passenger that I drove from the Fort Myers airport to his home in Naples.

Originally from Indiana, Dax has proved to be very mobile. He has lived and worked in many states including North Carolina, Colorado, Virginia and Florida.

Dax has a deep interest in medical research and works in the pharmaceutical business. He travels frequently between Naples, Florida and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His unique name, Dax, is the name of a city in Southwestern France where his parents had vacationed. It is known as an ancient spa town and is famous for its hot springs.

Although I was not familiar with the name Dax, I was told that he has met several other people with that name, including one woman!

Dax, along with his wife and fifteen year old daughter are physically active. He enjoys playing tennis and his wife is a fitness instructor. His daughter is both an accomplished tennis player and a musician.

It was my pleasure to meet Dax and invite him to join Ubernamez!

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