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Cassius... Loving life on FM Beach!

This past weekend Cassius was a passenger on Fort Myers Beach. He was a very easy going, fun-loving, yet seriously minded type of guy.

Although I immediately recognized the name Cassius (from the famous boxer, Cassius Clay, who changed his name to Mohammad Ali), I had never actually met anyone with that name.

Cassius was very aware of the historical significance of his name and immediately shared a quick history lesson.

"Cassius Clay", he told me, "was named after his father, who was named after the famous abolitionist, Cassius Marcellus Clay." This historical Cassius had a lot of notoriety.

He inherited his father's estate in Maryland, where he promptly freed the slaves that had been held there. He was also a military leader and a politician who was a strong supporter of President Abraham Lincoln. He was later appointed ambassador to Russia and took part in the purchase of Alaska.

It may seem ironic but my passenger, Cassius, is also very politically minded. He is very concerned about his hometown of Fort Myers Beach and is an engaged community activist. His family motto is "Take care of the community that takes care of you!"

Cassius is a graduate of Bishop Verot High School, where he played both football and soccer. He went to college in Chicago and earned degrees in environmental science and economics.

Out of college, Cassius jumped into his professional career where he made great money but felt trapped in the day to day corporate grind. After a couple of years he decided to give it up and move home to Fort Myers Beach. In SW Florida he returned to a less stressful and more laid back lifestyle.

Cassius is now a bartender who LOVES his life in the Florida sun! He enjoys fishing, wake boarding, and involvement in Beach politics.

Please welcome Cassius to Ubernamez!

And now...The REST of the Story!

Two weeks after meeting Cassius I picked up two "spring breakers" who were visiting SW Florida from Pennsylvania. Amy and Claudia are students at Bloomsburg University where they are studying social work and nursing.

During our trip, while I was explaining the Ubernamez blog, I shared Casiuss's story as a sample. When they saw the photo of Cassius, both girls immediately exclaimed, "Cazzy!!!"

I learned that Cassius was a good friend of Amy's sister, and they had actually spent time with him during their stay.

What a small world!!!

It was my pleasure to meet Amy and Claudia, two of Cazzy's friends!

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