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Lane and Paige... This "Bud's" for you!

During my last pickup of the night I had the great delight to meet Lane and Paige!

This handsome couple had a "chance" meeting through their professional connections with the Anheuser-Busch Corporation.

Lane is from the great state of Missouri!

He was named after the legendary cowboy, Lane Frost, who lost his life in a bull riding accident . The name "Lane" has gained in popularity since the mid nineties, and its literal meaning is exactly what you may have imagined...Lane means a "narrow path".

Lane's father has a unique career working as a Budweiser Clydesdale handler. Lane has followed in those footsteps and now travels 300 days per year with the "Eastern Hitch," headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Lane's official title is "East Coast Clydesdale Handler."

Paige, originally from Howell, Michigan, recently relocated to Fort Myers and works with our local Budweiser distribution team. Like Lane, she also has an interest in horses.

The name Paige has also gained popularity in recent years. It's literal meaning is a "young servant" or "attendant".

Although I did not catch all of the details, it seems that when Lane first caught sight of Paige, here in Fort Myers, he was immediately interested in getting to know her. Through a fellow employee they were introduced and they've recently started spending some time together.

Although I cannot predict the future it seems that this relationship has the potential to blossom.

Lane, it seems that you may have "lassoed a beautiful young Filly". And who knows...Paige, maybe this "Buds" for you!

Whatever may come, you both are amazing individuals with a promising future!

Please welcome Lane and Paige to Ubernamez!

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