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Anakaren... aka "AK"

A recent Uber passenger was Anakaren, originally from the state of New York.

She moved to Florida twelve years ago when her father took a job in the Fort Myers area and brought the family.

Over time, however, her parents and siblings all decided to move back to the familiarity of New York.

But Anakaren opted to stay in the Fort Myers sunshine.

She is employed at a local 7-11, and in her free time enjoys watercolor painting.

Anakaren was not certain of the particular meaning or significance of her name. She did know that her mother had found the name in a book.

As I researched her name, I found it on-line in the Urban Dictionary. It gave the following definition...

"Anakaren: A very unique and gorgeous name of a smart, talented and beautiful girl like no other. The most perfect woman know to mankind."

What an awesome name!

When I asked Anakaren if she typically used her entire name or a shortened version, she explained that her friends simply call her "AK".

It is my pleasure to welcome Anakaren to Ubernamez!

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