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Baughb... there's more than one way to spell "Bob"!

Recently while driving for Uber I decided to run a few errands. As I pulled into the Sam's Club parking lot, my eyes were immediately drawn to an old truck with a camper on the back. It was painted to look like a house with a white picket fence! This was an amazing work of art that I certainly wouldn't see every day!

After parking my car I came closer to take a photo and to check it out.

To my delight the owner was sitting in the back of the camper with the back door wide open. As I introduced myself and shared my admiration of his unique artwork, he graciously stepped down and agreed to tell me more about it. He said that his name was "Bob".

He found this 1974 Ford F-350 in a field in North Carolina. It hadn't been driven in five years, but he noticed that it only had 75,000 miles. What a find!

He purchased the truck and immediately began working on the engine to get it up and running. Once that was successfully accomplished, he bought a flat bed that fit perfectly. He was given an old camper as well. Over time Bob has added an additional 57 gallon gas tank, solar panels, batteries, a refrigerator, awesome artwork and a myriad of other features to his travel home.

Bob is extremely creative and always has ideas to make improvements on his truck and camper.

One interesting item is a five gallon storage bucket that is bolted to the platform on the back of the camper. It purposely hangs several inches off the back. This is designed to prevent other vehicles from tailgating! The bucket gives the impression that it could easily fall off and become a road hazard. Typically Bob's bucket discourages anyone from getting too close!

Bob has been on the road now for 275 days visiting his children and grandchildren throughout the eastern United States.

When I invited Bob to the Ubernamez blog to share his story and the amazing photos of his camper, he had a special surprise for me! His wasn't your average "B-O-B"... he actually spells his name "B-A-U-G-H-B"!!!!

He explained that although his name is "Robert" he was given the nick name "Bob". And since it was just a nick name anyway, he had the freedom to spell it any way that he'd chose. So, for the past twenty years he's spelled his name "Baughb"!

FYI The other side of Baughb's camper is currently painted black. But, in time, he'd like to paint a galaxy with stars and planets. That will be outlined by a set of giant if the universe were being eaten by a massive space dragon.

Please welcome Baughb to Ubernamez and follow his travels on Facebook at BAUGHB's Travels!

(Wow!!!! I can't wait to see that space dragon!!!)

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